Naaman Forest High School Football Program
Texas high school football is a big deal. Texas high school football programs are bigger. Through eighty-eight color pages of football bios, student ads, fight songs, cheerleaders, and rosters complete with a team centerfold, this project brought a military theme to the 2005 season.

Palm Creations Sales Catalog
Palm wax candles burn cleaner and smell better than traditional paraffin-based candles. This magazine was designed to feel clean while promoting sales of this nature-friendly candle brand.

Executive Press Postcard Campaign
A business-to-business postcard campaign promoted a Richardson, Texas printing company. This campaign highlights the ways that Executive Press stands apart from the competition why showing off beautiful printer craftsmanship.

Pro Stim Solutions Promotional Catalog
There is nothing shocking about this design, with the exception of the product. Prostim Solutions needed a way to get its name and product in front of chiropractors and massage therapists. I created the layout and illustrated this promotional piece.

Rug Doctor Rental Rack Hang Tag
This two-sided piece was designed to attach to the Rug Doctor Rental rack as an eye-catching sales tool. One side promotes the rental machine, the other promotes the Urine Eliminator product.

Syndicate Sanitation Ad
This advertisement was designed as a quarter page ad which ran in the Frisco Rough Riders Program.