Rug Doctor Corrugate Product Displays
Corrugated aisle displays were a signature Rug Doctor Point of Sale piece. This family of displays was created to easily rotate the product over time to attract new consumers to the Rug Doctor Brand.

These displays are used to promote the Urine Eliminator and Spot & Stain products.

Rug Doctor Oxy-Steam Green Bottling Traditional
Rug Doctor made a corporate decision to promote greener products in 2008. This led to the development of several new products. One new product design was for the Oxy-Steam Green product in the traditionally-shaped Rug Doctor Bottle.

Rug Doctor Oxy-Steam Green Bottling New
Another new design included packaging for the Oxy-Steam Green product in a new, more efficient bottle.

Rug Doctor Spot & Stain Eliminator Green Bottling
This is the bottling design for the Spot & Stain Eliminator Green product.

Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator Green Bottling
Also new in 2008 was bottling design for the Urine Eliminator Green product.