Bramble Park Zoo, Watertown, South Dakota
This small zoo and nature center in the heart of a small South Dakota town has a large story to tell. This solo project brings many different design elements into play including, maps, games  and informative graphics about how the geography of this region was formed by two brutal ice ages.

This exhibit features information about the local watershed and has question and answer panels to test your knowledge.

This exhibit is an electronic match game in which guests can match an animal or insect to its natural habitat.

The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, Arlington, TX
This $3.5 million museum takes the visitor from ancient Egypt to modern day Las Vegas while telling the story of the world’s most popular participatory sport.
The Diner Exhibit is used as a museum display and as an area to host an event. The working bar and counter top doubles as informative graphics about the rise of bowing popularity through the 1950s.

The Science of Bowling Balls exhibit teaches the viewer all about bowling balls, not only how they are made, but also how they perform.

The International Bowling exhibit features a world bowling kiosk and highlights the many International Bowling competitions and Team USA.
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Rug Doctor In-Store Representative Van Flee
Cut vinyl graphics in full color glory make the Rug Doctor fleet a rolling billboard as their representatives travel from distributor to distributor.