My father believed in goals. He taught me from the time I was old enough to remember to make goals. To write my goals down. To post my goals and review them often. I was taught when I landed short of a goal, to outline the reasons why, make adjustments, and try again. When I was successful in accomplishing a goal, I was taught to outline the reasons I was successful and make a new goal.

I launched this website to accomplish several goals.

1) Provide on online resource for clients and employers to view my work.

2) Through this resource, create an opportunity by finding a new position that meets the following criteria:
a) A position that provides interesting work and challenges me
b) A position that provides job security for myself and my family
c) A position that has opportunity for career advancement
d) A position that I enjoy and am excited about

3) Through a Blog provide readers information about the following:
a) Updates on my stated goals
b) Information about my services and expertise
c) Updates on personal events and stories

4) Meet new friends and professionals

These are my goals. I hope I have made my dad proud. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to adding new content as I move forward.